Imam Hussein holy shrine holds a specific course in the fundamentals of Codicology

Within the series of the courses held and supervised by EL-Abbas holy shrine in multiple fields and specializations, the Manuscript Library of the Intellectual and Cultural Department holds a course in the fundamentals of Codicology of the Islamic Legacy and their practical applications, under the title of (Legacy and Originality is the Foundation of Science and Knowledge), from October 10th until October 25th 2012. This was stated by the Head of the Codicology and Publish Unit Mr. Muhammad Hassan El-Wakeel to El-Kafeel website. He added, “This course comes as a result of the progress achieved in this field by the Codicology and Publish Unit which belongs to the Library Section. This process includes verifying the non-verified manuscripts, books and reveal them in a new scientific methodology by revising and checking on these books and manuscripts by a specialized scientific staff. The verifying process includes the ways of identification of the sources of the holy prophetic speeches which have been storied by Ahlul-Bait (PBUT), and the scientific ways of demonstrating, filtering and distinguishing those speeches from the forged and falsified ones, and also the way of how to restore the speech to its origin by the logical and scientific rules that codicologists use” El-Wakeel added, “This course includes Islamic science students, college teachers and students of (final stages and higher studies), Researcher and Codicologist. Sayed Muhammad Ridha El-Jalali, will be the lecturer for the days (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday) of every week for three hours a day; from 3:00 PM until 6:00 PM. The lectures will take place at the Saied EL-Shuhada Complex which belongs to the Imam Hussein Holy Shrine. The registration in this course will be at the Library of the El-Abbas Holy Shrine, on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, from 8:00 AM until 9:00 PM”. It is noteworthy that the management of the El-Abbas Holy Shrine has held so many courses that aim at supporting and developing its employees’ abilities according to their age and education, and in order to upgrade their cultural, mental, and professional levels, also to expand their cognitive horizons in the fields of the Islamic jurisprudence, ideology, and ethics which we have inherited from the Imams of Ahlul-Bait (PBUT). By: Mohammed Jassim