Get to know the Shrine's vast project in the city of Basra

The Department of Engineering and Technical Projects at the Holy Shrine announced the continuous works on the cultural and media complex project in the City of Basra, southern Iraq.

Eng Nawwar Raed Hamid, the project supervisor, said in an interview, "The engineering and technical cadres at the Shrine continue to work on the project, noting that the overall project completion rate is over (22%)."

He explained, "The project is being implemented on (5000m2) land and contains (3) buildings, the first and second building are with (7) floors, while the third building is intended to be a hall and a theatre."

He added, "The project includes a main foyer, a hall for memorizing the Holy Quran, a Mosque, a library, a hall for art exhibits, an auditorium, halls fit for (100) people, teachers' rooms, classes, a meeting room, a reading room, an archiving room, and a radio broadcasting studio."

He continued, "The project was designed according to the best designs and includes the latest systems, like the Internet, fire extinguishing system, cooling, and monitoring systems, noting that the Shrine aims to raise and improve the social life and provide services to all citizens."

It is stated that the Shrine has made many initiatives and plans to be made in the future distributed in several places and the city of Basra particularly.  


: Aba al-Hassan Abbas