The Shrine's project completion rates of gastroenterology hospital

The Department of Engineering and Technical Projects at the Holy Shrine announced the advanced achievement rates so far in the project of the gastroenterology hospital and liver transplant in Karbala.

The project supervisor, Eng. Sajjad Hashem said in an interview, "After continuous work and high efforts by the engineering and technical cadres in our department, followed up by the Shrine's administration, advanced completion rates have been achieved in the project so far."

He explained that "The first building completion percentage reached up to (85%) and works process in the 2nd building continue, noting that the 2nd building witnesses achieving (5) floors out of (7) and as it projected to be fully completed in two months."

He continued, "The first building includes (3) Surgical halls, and the total area of both buildings is over (2000 m2) with a capacity of (75) beds."


: Aba al-Hassan Abbas