EshShefa Medical Center for Covid-19 patients in Maysan to open soon

The Imam Hussain Shrine has announced that 90% of EshShefa’ Medical Center project, in the city of Maysan, has been completed.

Project’s manager Engr. Noor EdDeen Elhereery said, “The engineering staff of the Imam Hussain Shrine are continuing to construct this medical center at an increasing rate.”

He also said the staff are now putting the finishing touches to the project.

Elhereery clarified that the Imam Hussain Shrine is seeking to make available more beds for Covid-19 patients, and this will help augment the efforts of the Ministry of Health.

The project encompasses 1,250m2, and it’s been designed so that its environment gives regard to the psychology of patients, added Elhereery.


By: Mustafa Ahmed Bahidh

Editing: Faris EshShereafy