New healthcare center for Covid-19 patients

As directed by the representative of the Shia Muslim Supreme Religious Authority, sheikh Abdul-Mehdi Elkerbela’i, the engineering staff of the Imam Hussain Shrine has begun constructing EsShafa’ Healthcare center in Elemarah City, South Iraq, to support the health sector in Iraq and tackle the Covid-19 pandemic.

Project’s engineer Mohammed Kadhim Hasan said, “The project is 1250m2, with a total capacity of 50 beds,” noting that the center has been designed in accordance with modern construction standards, taking into consideration the patients’ psychological state.

Hasan also mentioned that the project is progressing at an increasing pace in order to open as soon as possible and receive Covid-19 patients.


By: Mustafa Ahmed Bahidh

Editing: Faris EshShereafy