All you need to know about al-Aqeelah Zainab Courtyard Project

The official website of Imam Hussain Holy Shrine has published important information related to the grand project of al-Aqeelah Zainab Courtyard and the facilities that it will include to serve the pilgrims of Imam Hussain.

Located southwest of Imam Hussain Holy Shrine and with an area of 120 thousand square meters, this project is one of the largest service projects ever adopted by the Holy Shrine.

The project includes several areas, one of which is the 36-thousand-square-meter service area including a two-story refectory providing 12,000 meals a day, sanitary complex with 600 units, in addition to the al-Zainabiya heritage market.

The area for worship is divided into two parts: an open courtyard and air-conditioned basements with a beautiful architectural style.  

The courtyard also includes a library and a manuscript restoration center with an area of ​​10,000 square meters, as well as a 6000-square-meter museum to display the Holy Shrine’s artifacts and donated gifts.

A 750-meter long tunnel is also being constructed to facilitate the flow of vehicles during the massive pilgrimages.

Al-Aqeelah Zainab Courtyard is slated to be completed in 2022 and will have a dedicated electrical, mechanical and refrigeration service station.