Supreme Religious Authority suggests solutions to issues affecting Iraqi society

Effective solutions to issues and negative traits — that have spread through the Iraqi society — the Shia Muslim Supreme Religious Authority, sayyid Ali EsSistani, advocated during the Friday sermon delivered by sheikh Abdul-Mehdi Elkerbela’i at the Imam Hussain Shrine on February 14, 2020.

Some important aspects in life, His Eminence mentioned, have been neglected, and that has led to repercussions and immoralities.

He also said, “There has to be social awareness, for ethics and values are paramount in various spheres of life; they ought not to be deemed marginal, secondary, or insignificant,” noting that prioritizing ethics, values, and principles, as well as educating people on them will lead the society to succeed and prosper.

He reaffirmed that ethics, values, and principles ought to be followed in school and state institutions — teachers should focus on the subject Ethics, noting that teaching students only academic subjects is inadequate; students also need to be taught ethics, their importance, and the way they should be applied.

He called on media organizations and outlets to not focus only on politics and neglect ethics, principles and instilling them in people.

When the government's role is absent from applying ethics, values, and principles, people’s role must not; people must not be indifferent to wrong practices  and as it is the government’s responsibility, it's also everyone’s, His Eminence indicated.

He pointed out other crucial matters, such as professionalism, which is a fundamental, everyone must practice in various careers — and the same applies to justice and promotion of social justice, as well as mercy that people need to show in their dealings with one another.


Editing: Wela’ EsSeffar