Supreme Religious Authority: Young supporters of Imam Hussain role models for today's young people

The representative of the Shia Muslim Supreme Religious Authority, sayyid Ahmed EsSafi, spoke, in Friday’s Sermon held at the Imam Hussain Shrine on September 20, 2019, of the importance of young people and the necessity of utilizing their intellectual, psychological, and physical potential.

EsSafi said young people have great potential that ought to be developed, for such potential, if developed, will perfect young people’s characters, noting that time never stops, and when it has passed, it’s difficult for the young to substitute anything for that time even if they put more effort into it.

EsSafi added that the young should not waste time, always be watchful, and necessarily learn to determine their future. In addition, he said some young people may not be able to determine what they need, or to know what benefits them and what harms them — such are in need of a mentor to guide them until they are aware enough to lead a successful life.

He then mentioned that young people are targeted at all times — they’re exposed to corruption, sedition, noting that “The young are targeted because they’re inexperienced and are easy to delude.

Young people like Qasim, Ali Elekber, and Ebbas, who were martyred on the Day of Ashura, had been fully aware of everything and watchful: the battle was raging and death was inevitable, but they were determined to fight the unjust until they laid down their lives for humanity, EsSafi also said.

Narrations tell, EsSafi continued, that Qasim (son of Imam Hasan ‘Peace Be Upon Them’) was never hesitant in the face of death, and neither was Ali Elekber; he was young and could have led a better life — even Ebbas proposed that Qasim should leave the battle and save himself, but he refused that. The unjust army outnumbered the army of Imam Hussain; they knew they were going to be killed — Imam Hussain (Peace Be Upon Him) told them to be ready for death, but their faithful, subconscious attitude toward the Imam indicates that they had been taught so well and rendered fully aware of what it was.

He said further that Imam Hussain (Peace Be Upon Him) raised those young people, educated them, and inspired them, and as Imam Sadiq says, “Our uncle Ebbas, son of Ali, was sagacious,” which denotes he wasn’t an ordinary person, and as history tells that Ebbas fought in tens of wars and never ever feared anything, and neither did Ali Elekber, (Peace Be Upon Them).

He noted that, “Not only did those young people help Imam Hussain (Peace Be Upon Him), but they also became the role models for many people today, including elderly ones. They’re now associated with Imam Hussain (Peace Be Upon Him), because they made history that everyone is proud of.”

EsSafi concluded, calling for taking care of the young and developing their potential so that they can develop creative minds. In addition, he called on people to repeatedly familiarize themselves with the Taf Battle (in which Imam Hussain and his family were martyred), for this even is recited every single year, and it feels as if it is being heard for the first time due to the new lessons discovered in it.


Editing: Wela’ EsSeffar

Translation: Mohammed Elobaidi