Unveiling interior dome of Imam Hussain Shrine

All interior works of the expansion project of the dome of the Imam Hussain Shrine have been completed.

Director of the Maintenance Department of the Imam Hussain Shrine Kereem Elembari said, “The works of thinning the four interior walls )surrounding the Imam Hussain lattice-enclosed tomb) have been completed, in addition to covering the celling with decorative pieces of mirror.”

Elembari added that the next phase will be covering the rest of the walls with Kerbela’ian veined tile according to modern design standards that resemble the Islamic religious nature.

He indicated that the area covered with decorative pieces of mirror is 700 square meters.

Engineer Safa Ebdul-Hussain, the head of the Air-conditioning Division of the Imam Hussain Shrine, said that all the works concerning the air-conditioning system were finished, adding that 60 air-conditioning vents with a total capacity of 280 tons were provided.


By: Hussain Hamid Elmoosewi

Photography: Resool Elaowadi

Translation: Mohammed Elobaidi