Supreme Religious Authority warns against hybrid culture leading to youths' downfall

One of the crucial matters of the society sayyid Ahmed EsSafi, representative of the Shia Muslim Supreme Religious Authority, talked about in Friday’s sermon held at the Imam Hussain Shrine on June 28, 2019 was the type of education and culture young people receive and its impact on the society.

EsSafi said the educational culture is one of the most important cultures, and reading books is one of the constituents of culture as well as teachers and fathers, noting that nations, culturally different, take pride in their cultures, and each nation has a significant cultural trait.

He added that each person is keen on taking advantage of their time to achieve their goals, noting that a person’s interests and goals take a longer time than a human’s lifespan to be achieved, and one must work towards their priorities to achieve them and to decrease their excessive interests one might not be able to fulfill.

EsSafi indicated that people, at an early age, begin to explore another world, and if they find the right person to guide them, they will choose the right way in life, but if they don’t find the right person, they will flounder until they learn the proper way of life themselves or continue floundering.

He also said people nowadays are facing a preadolescent issue, which is that their children are absorbed in using modern technologies (smart devices such as phones and tablets), which will influence them. In addition, he said when a device is taken from a child, that child will cry and the family will let them use it again in order to calm them down.

When a child – absorbed in using technologies – grows up, EsSafi noted, they will develop a hybrid culture, because they are going to be influenced by the social media.

He mentioned another issue some people raise on social media, that is, some people underestimate or talk negatively about a group of people, adding that some of those who curse others think no-one knows who they are – they, therefore, feel free to insult others, and other people return the insult; this spreads the vice of profanity among people.

EsSafi pointed out that modern technologies are useful, if they’re used appropriately, especially people nowadays have no time to read books like before, by gaining good knowledge from informative websites.

He stressed the importance of utilizing time management, which requires an educator or mentor to help less experienced people learn how to take advantage of their time. He added that social media takes so much of people’s time and renders them inactive, noting that some employees attend their jobs while they’re sleepless due to using social media, noting that God has made night for rest.

EsSafi concluded, saying, “Iraq represents a great culture, intellect and enjoys intelligent, creative people, and the time-wasting culture is hybrid, unrelated to Iraq’s culture,” warning against young people's downfall due to this phenomenon, which is also a result of the parents’, teacher’s, and friend’s neglect.


Editing” Wela’ EsSeffar

Translation: Mohammed Elobaidi