What you may not know about Imam Hussain Shrine by numbers

The Imam Hussain Shrine website is sharing some information about the shrine of Imam Hussain by numbers.

The area of the sanctuary – where Imam Hussain lattice-enclosed tomb – is 3.000 square meters.

The courtyard of the shrine is 6.000 square meters.

The area of the basements of the shrine is 4.000 square meters.

The whole area of the Imam Hussain Shrine is 20.000 square meters.

The area of the Zainebian Mound Sanctuary is 160.000 square meters.

The Imam Hussain Shrine is under a four-phase project—the first phase is being achieved now and will be followed by three phases to expand the shrine to 500.000 square meters.

The four phases include the Zainebian Mound Sanctuary project, Sayyid EshShuheda project, Hebeeb Bin Mudhaher Courtyard project, and Hujjeh Courtyard project, in addition to the minarets and the dome, which will be raised 10 meters.

The expansion project will provide more space for more pilgrims, especially during grand pilgrimages, and make the holy city of Karbala more beautiful.


By: Hussain Hamid ElMosewey

Translation: Mohammed AlObaidi