Preparations underway to hold 14th Martyrdom Spring Annual International Conference


Imam Hussein Shrine and El-Abbas Shrine are continuing their preparations to hold the 14th Martyrdom Spring Annual International Conference at the beginning of the month of Sha’ban A.H.


Ali Kadhim Sultan – preparatory committee member – said to the website of Imam Hussein Shrine that the preparatory committee has been working to hold the conference, where they have invited researchers and figures from different countries all over the world. 


He said further that the conference will coincide with the birth anniversaries of some Imams (Peace Be Upon Them), adding that the conference will carry the title: “On Hussein’s (Peace Be Upon Him) path; we are revolutionaries, and with the ruling verdict of taking up arms against ISIS; we are victorious.”


He also said that every research must not be taken from any reference or published anywhere, and should not be less than 15 pages and no more than 30 pages.


There will be 3 prizes for the first 3 winners: 1,500,000 Iraqi Dinars for the first winner, 1,000,000 Iraqi Dinars for the second winner, and 750,000 Iraqi Dinars for the third winner.



By: Ibrahim El-Uaini

Translation: Mohammed Alobaidi