Supreme Religious Authority: Arab nation mustn't give up responsibility for its principles and values


The Shia Muslim Supreme Religious Authority addressed the Arab nation that they should look after themselves, or they will be inflicted, they should not blame one another for one’s issue, and each nation has its own scripture or constitution that must be respected by other nations.


The message of the Shia Muslim Supreme Religious Authority was delivered by sayyid Ahmed Es-Safi, representative of the Shia Muslim Supreme Religious Authority and the preacher of the Friday's Sermon in the holy city of Kerbela in the second part of the Friday's Sermon held at Imam Hussein Shrine on December 8, 2017.


Es-Safi also said, “It is extremely dangerous if a nation’s principles and values are belittled, and the nation does not do anything.”


He added, “Those who did not follow Noah did not even ask themselves about what they did, but they told Noah that some of them who followed Noah were contemptible. Therefore, the nation that forsook its prophet was perished, and God saved Noah and others when the flood overran everything; that happens when a nation drops its responsibility.



By: Hasan El-Karradi

Translation: Mohammed ALobaidi