Military properties of honorable martyr displayed at Imam Hussein museum


The representative of the Shia Muslim Supreme Religious Authority sheikh Abdul-Mehdi El-Kerbela’ey has received the family of the martyr known as Abo Tehseen Es-Salihi.


The family came to Imam Hussein Shrine in order to give the sniping rifle and the military properties of the martyr Abo Tehseen Es-Salihi in order to have them displayed at Imam Hussein museum to remember such an honorable brave warrior who fought ISIS and patriotically laid down his life for his country Iraq.


El-Kerbela’ey said, “We are so proud of the martyr Abo Tehseen Es-Salihi who is truly an example of bravery; therefore, we hope that the historians, writers, and those who work in the field of media will document the story of Abo Tehseen Es-Salihi, just like the historians who documented the revolution of Imam Hussein (Peace Be Upon Him), in order for the next generations to get to know such brave individuals.”


Hussein Ali, son of Abo Tehseen Es-Salihi, said, “We have come to Imam Hussein Shrine and met with his Eminence sheikh Abdul-Mehdi El-Kerbela’ey about giving the sniping rifle of my father and his military properties to Imam Hussein museum.” He added saying that it is such a great honor for his tribe (Albo Salih) to have the martyr’s military properties displayed at Imam Hussein Shrine, which is close to the grave of Imam Hussein (Peace Be Upon Him).



By: Ibrahim El-Uwaini

Translation: Mohammed Alobaidi