Activities of Cultural Week in Iran begin


Imam Hussein Shrine has sent a delegation to Iran in terms of holding the annual event known as Cultural Week.


In cooperation with Chan Netharan Aba Abduellah and Rezmenkan Islam charities, the delegation has begun the activities of the Cultural Week where tens of remarkable religious and official figures attended, in addition to a great number of people.


The imam of Great Mosque sheikh Berdari delivered a speech in which he expressed his happiness and gratitude for hosting the delegation of the shrines of Iraq.


Afdhel Esh-Shami, assistant Secretary-General of Imam Hussein Shrine, delivered a speech in which he conveyed the greetings of the Secretaries-General of the shrines in Iraq to the attendees.


He also said, “Based on the saying of Imam Es-Sadiq (Peace Be Upon Him): ‘Commemorate our affairs, may God have mercy upon who commemorates our affairs,’ and responding to the invitation sent to us by generous families from the city of Tekab, Iran, we have come here as a delegation representing the shrines of Iraq in order to hold the activities of the Cultural Week; therefore, we appreciate your coming and everyone who arranged for this event.


He said further that there are ties that both of the peoples share, and the most important tie of them is faithfulness to the Prophet Mohammed and the Ahlul-Bayet (God’s Blessings Be Upon Them), in addition to the shrines of Ahlul-bayet (Peace Be Upon Them) in both countries to which people travel to make a pilgrimage.


He then mentioned that some ruling tyrants attempted to weaken this relationship, but such ties always strengthened, and the Cultural Week being held now is the result of the ties improved.


The governor of the city of Tekab delivered a speech in which he welcomed the delegation and expressed his gratitude for the delegation’s coming, saying: “The delegation of the shrines in Iraq has helped us enliven the tragedy of Imam Hussein (Peace Be Upon Him),” calling the people of the city of Tekab to attend the event and benefit from it.


Sheikh Muradi, Sunni Muslim preacher, delivered a speech in which he said that seeking God’s blessings through saying: “May God Bless Mohammed” is effective, according to a Sunni Muslim cleric, in addition to visiting the shrines of the Ahlul-Bayet (Peace Be Upon Them), which is also effective and a means of being close to God.


After the activities, a mourning session over the tragedy of Imam Hussein (Peace Be Upon Him) was held in which the preacher talked about what happened on the Day of Ashura.


At the end of the stately ceremony, banners from Imam Hussein, El-Abbas, and El-Kadhimea Shrines were raised.



By: Maithem El-Husseini

Translation: Mohammed Alobaidi