Supreme Religious Authority calls for subduing anger

In the Friday’s sermon held at Imam Hussain Shrine on May 25, 2018, sayyid Ahmed Essafi – representative of the Shia Muslim Supreme Religious Authority – said that anger is a state of mind that befalls the human being, which often leads to contrition afterwards.


He also said that anger is – sometimes – advantageous, especially when controlled rationally.


“A person gets angry for their belief, country, and sacrosanct is laudable; it’s a motif one uses to drive evil away – it is a right people have, but not recommended to be practiced always,” added Essafi.


His Eminence advised that when a person is told something, they should ponder over that thing and cope with it objectively, controlling their spurs that might lead to unpleasant consequences.


Essafi concluded his speech by saying that anger must be avoided, for it leads the angry person to be ostracized and be a burden on the society, reminding that people – when confronting a difficult situation – should wait, think, and take the safest means to tackle it.


Editing: Amer Nuri

Translation: Mohammed Alobaidi