Seventh construction of the Holy Shrine of Imam Hussain


Sayid Hadi Tuama in his book (History of the shrines of al-Hussain and al-Abbas), says that sultan Mua`zaddin Oweis, B. Holaco Khan, who ruled Iraq after his brother sultan Hussain al-Sagheer, built the shrine with a semicircle shaped dome similar to the present shape.

Work started in 767 A.H. until 786 A.H. by his son Ahmed B. Oweis. That building was kept as it is nowadays, with renovation from time to time specially after the mass destruction in 1991 from al-Intifada al-Shaabaniyah (Shaaban uprising).

Random shelling by mortars tanks and helicopters of the republican guards led by Hussain Kamil, the son – in – law of Saddam Hussain, the deposed Iraqi dictator. This resulted in a big hole in al-Abbas dome and cracks in the exterior walls of the two shrines, in addition to killing thousands of innocent people of Karbala.