New basement project to be launched at the Imam Hussain Shrine soon

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A new basement project is to be launched at the Imam Hussain Shrine soon.

The basement – the largest among other basments – will extend from the gate known as “Zainebian Gate,” to the gate known as “Reja’ Gate” of the Imam Hussain Shrine.

Engineer Hussain Ridha Mehdi – Director of the Imam Hussain Shrine’s Department of Engineering and Technical Projects – said the project will start in the next couple of days, and in the meantime, an extra space between the new basement, Erra’s Basement, and ElHa’ir Basement is being studied to be added to the new basement, in addition to studying the surrounding old buildings.

Mehdi noted that the new basement will provide extra space for pilgrims to use during grand pilgrimages.


Translation: Mohammed Alobaidi 

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