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Coinciding with the Birthday Anniversary of Imam al-Hujjah (PBHU) and the Arabic Manuscript Day, the General Secretariat of the Holy Shrine of Imam Ali (PBUH) represented by the Intellectual and Cultural Affairs Department, the Manuscripts and Documents Treasury held its first annual festival (The al-Alawi- belonging to Imam Ali- Treasure is the Mirror of Islamic Civilization) in which historical manuscripts dating back to the first Islamic century, including a manuscript of the of the Holy Quran written by the Commander the Faithful, Ali ibn Abi Talib (PBUH).

"During these great blessed days, the Holy Shrine displays a small part of its blessed collection of manuscripts and valuables to the world, and we will work hard to find the right place to be a permanent exhibition of these treasures and historical manuscripts in the coming months, and we thank all those who contributed to this achievement, especially the Department of Intellectual and Cultural Affairs," said the Secretary General of the Holy Shrine.

"Due to the magnitude of these manuscripts, the General Secretariat has sought to take care of them through the constant efforts of the staffs of the Treasury Division as they restore and maintain them," said the deputy secretary general.

Source: Imamali.net

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