Representative of Spain's and Portugal's Christians addresses Iraqi people, and Imam Hussein connected to Jesus

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The representative of the Orthodox Christians in Spain and Portugal, Father Dimitri, said that the Iraqi people need to believe in God’s power and the Iraqi government to overcome the challenges Iraq has been facing.


He also said that Iraq has been taking appropriate steps by regaining control of the areas previously occupied by ISIS.


Dimitri, who has attended the 13th Martyrdom Spring International Cultural Festival held by the Imam Hussein and the El-Abbas Holy Shrines, said: “There is no terrorist religion, but there is terrorist people; every religion has extremists due to a lack of knowledge of their religion. In Spain, we have been attacked many times by terrorists (extremists).”


I used to know something about Imam Hussein before coming to Kerbela, but now I can say that there is a firm connection between Imam Hussein and Jesus, and that is what urges me to study his character more, added Dimitri.


The variety of figures attending the 13th Martyrdom Spring International Cultural Festival indicates that the Imam Hussein Holy Shrine is taking the right path, which leads to unifying the whole world and religions, because we all belong to one man, that is, Adam.


The video below is for more details:



By: Sedeeq El-Ezearjawi

Translated by: Mohammed Alobaidi

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