Museum-management workshops held in Iraqi universities

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Imam Hussain Museum has conducted a number of workshops on museum management in Iraqi universities.

Imam Hussain Museum's curator Dr. Ala’ Dheya-EdDeen said, “Within Imam Hussain Museum’s program of conducting workshops on museum management, we have held the first workshop in the holy city of Karbala, followed by a museum-management orientation workshop in the city of Thi-Qar.

Dheya-EdDeen added that Imam Hussain Museum had held a workshop in ElWefi Museum in Thi-Qar city in which Dr. Michelle from Durham University, UK, lectured.

He then noted that Imam Hussain Museum has received invitations to continue to hold more workshops in different Iraqi universities.

The purpose behind conducting such workshops, Dheya-EdDeen said further, is to educate people on museum culture, which reflects people’s culture and introduces them to their cultural and historical heritage.

Dheya-EdDeen concluded, “Imam Hussain Museum has for years been visiting international museums such as the ones in Britain and Germany in terms of cross-fertilizing ideas and exchanging expertise and to keep pace with the world’s best methods of managing museums and attracting people.


By: Ibrahim ElOainei

Translation: Mohammed AlObaidi

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