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Imam Hussain and the Establishment of Human Rights

Highlights on the main rights, which Imam Hussain (PBUH) called to in his blessed raising.

The author, Shaikh Dr. Abdullah Ahmad Alyousif, discusses how Imam Hussain consolidated human rights through his quotes, speeches and slogans during the battle of Karbala, emphasizing basic human rights as a core part of man’s dignity and as a guarantor of major liberties and freedom.

The booklet includes two parts: the first part contains maintaining man’s dignity, enjoying the freedom, equality among people and the right to elect the Ruler; meanwhile, the second part focuses on developing awareness of rights, demand for legitimate rights and respect of people’s rights.


Status of Women in Islam

Dr. Ahmed Abdul Magid Hammoud compares the right and status of women before and after Islam.

The booklet includes two parts, the first part deals with women before the rise of Islam while the second highlights on the status of women in Islam.   

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