Imam Hussein Shrine participates in conference on developing youths' patriotism in Cyprus


Imam Hussein Shrine has sent a delegation accompanied by clerics, researchers, and thinkers to attend a conference on the Iraqi youth and the means of developing their skills and instilling patriotism in them.


The conference held in Cyprus was sponsored by PRIO and CSIME international organizations and El-Kelimeh Center of Grand cleric sayyid Mohammed Se’eed El-Hekeem.


The conference shed light on the means of developing the educational system in Iraq and how to render the Iraqi youth more patriot.


The delegation delivered two researches: the firs one was about the “Dimensions of Performance and Dimensions of Internal and External Threats” delivered by the representative of Imam Hussein Shrine sayyid Afdhel Esh-Shami, in which he talked about the importance of patriotism, emphasizing that the Iraqi people are patriots in comparison with some countries, mentioning the immediate response of the Iraqi people to the ruling of picking up arms against ISIS, issued by the Shia Muslim Supreme Religious Authority, Grand cleric sayyid Ali El-Husseini Esistani (May God Prolong His Life). The second research delivered by Haider El-Mengushi was about mass media and education system of Iraq, that are intermingled, and how inactive they are nowadays, emphasizing that such foundations play a significant role in terms of edifying the Iraqi youths, clarifying that education is an end, not a means.


Ezz Ed-Deen El-Hekeem said that it is important to find a better means of achieving peaceful coexistence, and to improve the skills of the Iraqi youths by spreading religious foundations, studies centers, and civil society organizations within the Iraqi society.


Ara Abdalian, father at the Baptist Church in Baghdad – Iraq, delivered a speech in which he talked about the national identity and the religious identity as well as the necessity of peaceful coexistence between Muslims and Christians.


Imam El-Kadhim University dean talked about how feeble the education system in Iraq is as well as the lack of prospects the Iraqi universities are now suffering from.




By: Sabah Et-Talaqani

Translation by: Mohammed Alobaidi