Imam Hussain Autism Treatment Center: The gate of hope for Iraq's new generation

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Autism is an illness suffered from numerous elderly seniors around the globe. After the increasing number of autistic patients in Iraq, Imam Hussain Holy Shrine took the responsibility of establishing Imam Hussain Autism Treatment Center for treating the autistic.

The center consists of three buildings that include physiotherapy wards, apartments for doctors, and a restaurant.

According to a Cambridge University study, the number of children, aged 5-11 years, who are suffering from autism has jumped from 10,000 to 75,000 in the country within the last few years.

Kareem Awad, manager of the center, said that the center has been established according to global standards as the wards are equipped with modern devices.

“The project's total area is 9000m2 and the completion rate currently stands at 80%," Awad stated. 

It’s worth mentioning that Imam Hussain Holy Shrine had opened nine institutes in Iraq for treating the autistic and invited a team of specialists from prominent US universities to train the institutes’ staffs.




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