Imam Ali Shrine sends delegation to visit Imam Ridha Shrine and exchange expertise

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The Imam Ali Shrine sent a delegation to visit the Imam Ridha Shrine, Iran. The delegation comprised of representatives of the Imam Ali Shrine, such as Fatih ElKirmanei, Fa'iq EshShimmarei, and the head of the Finance Department Karar EshShamma.

Upon arrival, the delegation was welcomed by the head of the International Affairs Department of the Imam Ridha Shrine, Mr. Hamid Malakootei.

The delegation toured certain places, such as the Cultural and Media Department, the Children's Department, and the Imam Ridha Museum, and met with the departments’ directors and discussed the tasks and achievements of their departments.

The delegation visited Imam Ridha library as well. Mr. Fa'iq EshShimmarei pointed out that "The purpose of the visit was to make a pilgrimage to Imam Ridha (Peace Be Upon Him) and to gain expertise from the activities of the Imam Ridha Shrine."


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